Accountability Partner Guidelines

An accountability partner is someone who holds you accountable to your goals, cheers you on and helps you stay motivated. It’s much easier to stay motivated and do the work when you know someone else is checking up on you. Plus, because you are both doing the same blogging course, it means you have someone to talk with that knows exactly what you’re doing and can offer the right kind of support.

How to pick an accountability partner:

Choose someone with similar blogging goals to you.

If you’re blogging as a hobby for now, pick someone who is doing the same. If you’re blogging to build a business, then another blogger with the same goal would be a good partner for you.

Pick someone with a similar blog niche

If you can find someome with a similar blog niche, that is ideal. If not, choose a partner with a niche you finding interesting. This will help when it comes to reading your partner’s blog or offering advice.

Select someone who has a compatible personality

Your accountability partners has to be someone you feel comfortable sharing your fears and hopes with. So it’s best to pick someone with a compatible personality.

For example if you are feeling anxious about blogging you may suit an extra supportive partner. Or if you know you struggle to keep going with a task, you might suit a partner who is able to give you a kick up the butt.

What to do next ?

Step 1: Post in the discussion group

To find your accountability partner, post the following 3 sentences in the group.

My blogging goals are ….

My blog niche is …

As an accountability partner, I will…. (Describe what kind of accountability partner you will be e.g. supportive, read your blogs, be your cheerleader, call you out on your sh*t)

Step 2: Find your partner

Respond to other bloggers’ posts in the group to find the right partner.

Step 3: Set a partner agreement

Once you’ve found your partner, make an agreement that includes:

How often you’ll keep in contact: we recommend a weekly check-in.

How you’ll stay in contact: email, messenger, Skype calls.

When you’ll catch up: e.g. email progress report by Friday 6pm, Skype call Sat mornings at 10am.

What you’ll do for each other: check in on progress for the course, share how you’re feeling about blogging, read each other’s blogs before they are published (it’s up to you!)