Community Guidelines

Here in the 30 Day Blog Challenge, we deeply value our community for it is the place that allows us to grow as bloggers and writers every day. Without your input and vision, our community wouldn’t be as beneficial and complete. You are all a key element in why we do what we do. 

As any growing community, we have some ground rules which promote a safe space where everyone can be heard. 

  1. Participate and collaborate. Join our discussions, share your knowledge and help the community grow and thrive. You never know what skills you can bring to the table or how you can help other members.

  1. Be nice and considerate. Everyone here is learning and sharing their journey. Even though everyone has different experiences and levels of knowledge, always be nice, welcoming and supportive of your fellow members. 

  1. Be respectful. When criticizing someone’s work, do so constructively. Our community is no place for personal attacks, rants or disrespectful behavior. The team really appreciates it if all of you, as community members, take on the responsibility to neutralize any negative discussions or interactions as soon as you encounter them.

  1. Foster meaningful and genuine interactions. Help us stay spam-free. Please don’t overly promote yourself, you are here to share your growth as a blogger and help others do the same. We know it is the basis of the community to promote your posts and your blog. Still, being overly spammy about it, posting numerous comments in the same discussion, contacting people to offer your services is exaggeration. Be mindful of what you share. 

Violations of these guidelines can result in members being removed from the community. Always be mindful of your input, and if you have any questions feel free to reach out to us