Blog Post Template – Case Study Post


Why should you write a Case Study Post? 

  • It establishes you as an authority on your topic
  • It provides value to your readers by providing a real-life solution to problems they’re having
  • Demonstrates your process when taking on a project
  • Gives reader an insight about the before, during and after of a project

How should you write a Case Study Post?


  • Use keywords, including case study, in the main headline.
  • Write in the present tense, and use active verbs.
  • Use an H1 tag and bold the title of your list to inform the reader and improve SEO.


Introduce your post by letting your reader know that you will share your process at finding a solution to your problem – a problem your readers are also likely experiencing.

Subheadings or crossheads:

List your categories (H2) in the order taken in your process.  

List the category steps or sub-topics taken (H3) and detail your experience and what you learned.


Wrap up your post with what your work (or life) looks like now. Let your reader know about the results so far.

Offer final thoughts and directions, and ask readers about their experiences in a similar project.