Blog Post Template – ‘How To’ Post


Why should you write a How-To Post? 

  • These types of posts rank well
  • Easy to scan and organized for the brain to process quickly
  • Provide helpful advice and instructions to readers

How should you write a List Post?


  • Use keywords in the main headline. (remember to use How To at the beginning for search purposes)
  • Write in the present tense, and use active verbs.
  • Use an H1 or H2 tag and bold the title of your list to inform the reader and improve SEO.


Begin with empathizing with the problem your reader is trying to solve. Show them the consequences of not knowing how to do what you’re going to teach them. It will compel them to keep reading.

Subheadings or crossheads:

Use step by step instructions, numbered in logical order.


Start with the most basic information and break it down into manageable steps. You don’t want to jump ahead of any steps – even if it seems obvious. Your readers are looking for detailed information so they can learn to do your topic themselves.


Congratulate your reader on learning how to do what you’ve taught them.

You can offer final thoughts and directions on issues not covered in the topic such as where to go for additional help or to learn more about your topic. 

Ask your reader if your post was helpful and to let you know in the comments section.