Blog Post Template – List Post


Why should you write a List Post? 

  • Easy to scan and organized for the brain to process quickly
  • Numbers provide certainty
  • Allow the reader with management expectations 

How should you write a List Post?


  • Use keywords in the main headline.
  • Write in the present tense, and use active verbs.
  • Most readers are time poor – so the best list posts are content-rich in a short amount of time. 
  • Use an H1 or H2 tag and bold the title of your list to inform the reader and improve SEO.


Hubspot recommends writing your introduction after you’ve written your blog as this will allow you to organize a compelling argument for the reader.

Always be thinking: How can I establish credibility and empathize with my audience while introducing my topic?

Subheadings or crossheads:

List your items in a sensible order (chronological or order of importance to topic) in order to improve clarity.

Provide a description of your list items under their subheading along with visuals, if available (i.e image, gif or video clip). Use this opportunity to link back to other articles on your blog to establish yourself as an authority in this arena. 

No need to provide transitions between listed items as you would in a How-To List post (Hubspot, 2016) but don’t forget to offer a transition to your concluding thoughts. 


Wrap up your post with a synopsis of what your reader just learned and how they can implement these solutions to make their life better.

Offer final thoughts and directions on issues not covered in the topic such as where to go for additional help or to learn more about your topic. 

Request additions to your list and offer a reward for commenting.