Blog Post Template – Review Post


Why should you write a Review Post? 

  • Provide value to readers who are looking for help about your topic
  • Positions writer as as an authority on topic
  • Save your readers time from doing the research themselves

How should you write a Review Post?


  • Use keywords in the main headline.
  • Write in the present tense, and use active verbs.
  • Use an H1 or H2 tag and bold the title of your list to inform the reader and improve SEO.


Give a brief explanation about what you’re reviewing and why. Don’t give anything away in the intro about the results, only tease – this will help intrigue readers to keep reading.


You can base your review on both opinion and research. If you sell or are associated with one of the items being reviewed, be transparent about the fact. It will give better information to your reader and add credibility to your post.

Subheadings or crossheads:

Include name of the item (product/service/activity etc.) that you will be covering in that section for easy scanning.

No need to provide transitions between reviews.


Wrap up your post with an explanation of what you think is better based on your research and opinion. It may be that one (product/service/activity etc.) is better for a specific result – so it will depend on what result your reader (or you) is most interested in. 

Offer final thoughts and directions on issues not covered in the topic such as where to go for additional help, where to find the item you reviewed or to learn more about your topic. 

Request comments about what your reader prefers or will try.