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- Our flagship 30 Day Blogging course (a $397 value)
- WordPress for beginners (a $197 value)
- Paid To Blog (Freelance Blogging) (a $99 value)
- Copywriting for bloggers (a $99 value)
- Blog admin essentials (a $49 value)
- More Courses (Coming Soon)

Access To Our Bloggers Community (Priceless)

- Meet other bloggers going through the course and study together. 
- Get feedback from our community manager 
- Get accountability partners

Ongoing Blog Management($89+/m value)

- Protect your blog from online threats 
- Weekly blog maintenance to improve performance
- Daily incremental backups 
- Weekly updates

Exclusive Deals To Tools & Services ($49 value)

- We will help you find the best tools and services for your blog at a huge discount and help you set it up.

Access To Our Additional Resources ($500+ value)

- Helpful Video Tutorials 
- Email Templates
- Blog Post Templates
- Blogger Workflows

Ongoing Technical Support ($79+/m value)

- Our customer success manager will help solve all the technical problems you are having with your blog.

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What Our Students Have To Say

“…it walked me through getting a beautifully professional blog up, motivated me to write my first several articles, and gave me a lot of valuable tips for getting a community and monetizing this blog that I’m still working on implementing. So if you’re looking for ways to start a blog and/or get paid for it, I would definitely recommend the 30-day blog challenge….“
Violetta Echo
“….I would highly recommend doing the 30 Day Blog Challenge to anyone wanting to develop their writing skills and knowledge of setting up a blog web site and move forward in their writing career, or anyone looking for ways to make money from their blog or even those wanting to blog as a hobby and share their interest with others. This is a great place to start.“
Robyn Clifford
"The 30 Day Blog Challenge was very empowering for me.It helped me start writing again, develop a beautiful and professional website, and land a paid writing job I actually enjoy. As a stay at home mom, my life instantly changed for the better. I can't say enough good things about this program! What a game-changer!"
"....The 30 Day Blog Challenge gave me everything I needed. They sent an email with an educational and motivational video every day. Lydia of Screw the Cubicle is in all of the videos, and she is just delightful. I looked forward to getting up every day and listening to Lydia.

All of the set up was explained in detail. Step-by-step, I have been able to make progress on wading through the technical steps in getting this blog going.

The writing is the easy part for me, but I can see how this 30 day blog challenge will be great help for those who may not have very much inherent know how....."

Real Deal Healing

"I have recently completed a 30 Day Blog Challenge. I wanted to do this 30 day challenge to help me stay on track with my new blog. It has not always been easy to find time to do the daily challenges, but I definitely have learned some time management skills during this time!

Not only has this challenge kept me on track, but it has taught me all different things about design and how to create a blog that is easy on the eye. This 30 day challenge has given me all the resources to keep up with my blog. I have also found programs and resources that I can use for projects in my classroom.

Thank you to everyone involved in the 30 day Blog Challenge. You have given me the hope to keep up with my blog!"

Diary Of A First Year Teacher


Most frequent questions and answers
Perfect! Just start our challenge at the beginning and we’ll guide you, even if you don’t yet have a business idea. Lots of people start 30 day blog challenge with out any prior experience.
Yes we can help! We’ve had people who joined when their blogs were already generating income, but they needed help getting to the next level. Whether you’ve earned $1 or are already at six figures, we can help. We focus on learning blogging skills, building blogging habits and connecting with other bloggers.
We’ve seen people build successful blogs with as little as 5 hours per week. In the beginning, you might spend much of that time studying our through courses. Eventually you’ll spend less time learning and more time doing, and we’ll be there to support you with our coaching and community.
You can cancel anytime with zero hassle, and no waiting periods.
Its free trial for the first 30 days. Unfortunately, it does cost us to be able to host the challenge, support our members, create new content, maintain the site, and keep our tech staff on call for you.

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