Affiliate Marketing 101

Welcome to Affiliate marketing 101

This course is going to help make more income from your blog with affiliate marketing. You are going to like this course because 

  1. We are going to keep things real simple. Some of the topics we discuss may be complex but we will break them down so it’s clear to you. These methods and systems are something we use in our own blogs so give it a fair chance and it’s probably going to be a great revenue stream for your blog.
  2. We are going to focus on actions and include affiliate marketing in your blogging workflow so you are not just learning but actually implementing these systems and methods so you can make money as quickly as possible. This is simple but not easy. You definitely need to put in some work, but it will be very rewarding financially. 

What we are going to cover in this course? 

  1. Basics and how to get started
  2. How to choose the best programs and the best networks
  3. How to come up with a blog post strategy for affiliate marketing 
  4. Our best “3W” Framework for long term affiliate success 
  5. How to leverage your existing audience
  6. Building affiliate marketing funnels for your blog
  7. How to scale your affiliate marketing results with paid marketing 
  8. And so much more… 

Please note that every affiliate program is different and this course does not cover all the legal aspects of working with a particular affiliate program. We simply present you the best practices and links to helpful resources. 

Important Things to Remember

  1. Affiliate marketing is one of the revenue streams and part of a bigger blogging business puzzle. 
  2. Real results come from taking action. 
  3. Believe in yourself and act.

Lets get started. 

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Course Includes

  • 11 Lessons