Exercise – Define the features and benefits of your offers

Remember to complete the buyer persona before starting this exercise. You can use this exercise for each of your offers.

  1. Make the list of features

    List all the things that you are proud of the most about your product, and why it’s unique. At this stage, the focus is on the features, not the benefits.

    For example, let’s say you are the owner of a Facebook marketing agency. What would be your features? Your team of professionals and that you specialize only on Facebook Ads for eCommerce.

  2. Turn them into benefits

    After each feature, ask a simple question – ‘So What?’

    Let’s do a little magic and turn the features from the previous examples into benefits:

    We are highly skilled professional digital marketers, so we will make your business grow to 7-figures rapidly.

    Our sole focus is on Facebook Ads for eCommerce, so we have great domain expertise and will help you to implement all the best practices.

  3. Check what will be best for your buyer persona

    Leave only the benefits that will be valuable to your customer.


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