Exercise – Identify An Opportunity For Your Blog

Identifying 1 opportunity for your blog will help you focus on the next step in creating income from your blog.

Once you’ve assessed your skills, resources and level of interest you can then rate the 6 main opportunities for monetizing a blog to decide which opportunity you’ll pursue first.

Remember: you can pursue more than one avenue for creating income but it is best to start with one for now.

Step 1: Assess your skills and resources

The first step is to assess your skills, resources and level of interest for each opportunity.

A good opportunity to pursue = High Skills + High Resources + High Interest


What skills do you already have that you can bring to this opportunity?

  • Work experience = qualifications, trainings, skills on the job
  • Personal skills = e.g. good with tech, people person, great communicator

E.g. If you are a trained life coach you would rate yourself high on skills for offering a service from your blog.


What resources do you have to pursue each opportunity?

  • Contacts = people who can help get you started.
  • Money = $ to invest in your business or the opportunity is low cost.

E.g. If your partner is an online marketer and can set up your sales process for free you would rate yourself high on resources to sell info products.


What level of interest do you have for pursuing each opportunity?

  • Can you see yourself doing this for work?
  • Are you interested enough to learn new skills to make money from this?

E.g. If you love writing and research you would rate yourself high on interest to do freelance blogging

Rate the following 6 opportunities for monetizing your blog.

Note: You’re not likely to rate high on all 3 criteria but if you rate high on at least 2 of the 3 then it’s likely to be a good opportunity for you to pursue.

Opportunity 1.SkillsRate 1-5 (1=low, 5 = high) 2.ResourcesRate 1-5 (1=low, 5 = high) 3.InterestRate 1-5 (1=low, 5 = high)
Affiliate marketing      
Offering a service      
Info products      

Step 2: What is the next step?

Identify what the next step will be for you to pursue this opportunity.


  • Email my friend to set up a time to ask questions about how they started freelancing.
  • Do some google research to learn more about affiliate marketing and how it works.
  • Sign up for a live seminar or webinar on selling info products.