• Alejandro P. Montero

    May 10, 2020 at 5:14 am

    I told myself it would be powerful to share our fears and see that none of us are alone:


    • I fear being ridiculed;
    • I fear criticism;
    • I fear going out there on the market and broadcasting my views because I am slow to respond intelligently;
    • I fear being a failure and pointed at as being such a failure;
    • I fear not being perfect;
    • I fear being exposed as an impostor in my field of expertise;
    • I fear investing so much time and not receiving my just compensation;
    • I fear not having a professional presentation and being disregarded for that matter;
    • I fear shit that hasn’t even happened yet and is just in my fucking imagination;


    • I know how to laugh at myself and see lessons from the ridicule;
    • Criticism points me to the weaknesses I must strengthen;
    • I am slow to respond because I take the time necessary to respond to comments intelligently;
    • I move forward at lightning speed in life because every day I fail, and every day I learn. In fact I do not “Win or Fail,” I “Win or Learn;”
    • I fear not, not being perfect;
    • I have been working in my field of expertise since 1997 – I am a true expert in my domain and in this niche in particular;
    • I will receive monetary compensation in proportion to the value and service I selflessly offer the market place;
    • <li class=””>I’m in the construction industry: when a house is under construction, it does not look finished, yet it is a professional production. It is the same with my blog;
      <li class=””>I can distinguish facts from fiction and reality from fear created from the figments of my imagination;


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