We are so excited that you’re joining us in the 30 Day Blog Challenge. This is going to be fun, we’re going to get creative, and it’s going to help you grow your blog like nothing else.

But you’ll only get results if you commit to making the next 30 days your “blog launching” days, and that starts with setting up your blog the right way before starting your blogging challenge.

Before we begin the challenge (Call it day 0), we want to set you up to win.

Not just in the challenge, but in the long run. We want to give you the right foundation to build from.

And over the years of doing this, we’ve learned that there are a few things that almost all successful blogs have in common. We will go over them in each of these steps.

Please complete the following steps before continuing to the challenge.

(You most likely completed this step already to get here)
Step 1 – Start Your Own blog

(Once you have started the blog, you will be able to do these steps)
Step 2 – Setup Your Blog

Step 3 – Setup Email Marketing For Your Blog

Step 4 – Design Your Blog

If you have done these steps already, go on and do day 1 of the 30 day blog challenge.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about achieving big goals, it’s that you need to believe you can do it.

We’ll be sending you daily challenge emails during the next 30 days – so we recommend creating an email filter to keep track of the cool checklists, training videos, and case studies we’ll be sending your way.

Please don’t skip ahead without completing these steps. You will have 30 days to complete your challenge.