How To Give & Receive Feedback

Giving and receiving feedback is an important part of improving as a blogger. We encourage you to ask for feedback in the group and give feedback on other people’s blog posts.

Use these guidelines when you’re giving and receiving feedback.

How to give feedback

Here are 3 guidelines for giving feedback to other bloggers so they benefit from it and become better writers:

  • Be considerate /strong>

Always be kind when you’re delivering feedback to another blogger. This is a new thing for them so they might be sensitive to criticism. Use positive and uplifting words to deliver your feedback.

  • Use a feedback ‘sandwich’

If you’re delivering a criticism, do it in a feedback ‘sandwich: positive comment, negative comment, positive comment. Other bloggers are more likely to hear your criticism if it’s combined with some positive things you liked.

  • Give suggestions for improvement

Rather than just offer criticisms, tell the other blogger how they can improve their blog. For example, how would you like to see it written? What have they missed that would have made it better? What parts did you find interesting that could be expanded?


I really liked how you talked about what you learnt from starting your own business. I think you could structure your blog more clearly by numbering your lessons. You’ve got some useful stuff to share, I’d like to read more!

How to receive feedback

Here are 3 guidelines for receiving feedback gracefully and using it to improve your blogging:

  • Engage with feedback

Always say thank you, even if you don’t agree with the feedback. The other blogger has taken the time to read and comment on your blog, so it’s important to appreciate that. It’s ok to ask for further clarification if you don’t understand the feedback you’ve been given.

  • Take feedback seriously

Other blogger’s feedback can really help you improve your blogging so take their feedback onboard. We all have blind spots in our writing so it’s actually a good thing for someone to point out what that is so we can resolve it. Blogging is a new form of writing for you, so remember it it takes time to master.

  • Don’t get discouraged

Getting negative feedback doesn’t mean your writing isn’t good. It’s actually a good sign because it means someone was interested enough to read your blog. Everyone gets negative feedback sometimes so use it to improve and keep on writing!


Thanks for reading my blog. You mentioned I needed more structure. Can you explain what you meant by that? Thanks!