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Initially, I started my blog as a creative outlet to express my views on the ever changing social landscape we’re existing in through Covid-19. During this “down” period, so to speak, I dove into introspection & self evaluation only to realize I wasn’t truly happy with my life outside of my immediate family.
There I was, a thirty-three year old minority female fresh out of college with a Masters in Business only to realize her career/degree meant nothing when push came to shove. It was then I realized I hid behind all my accomplishments and allowed them to define me while creating a “safe” place to fit in society. When in actuality my heart knew that wasn’t who I truly was as a person.

What started out as a one-way train to an extravagant pity party launched into a whole new endeavor of self discovery, acceptance and most importantly CONFIDENCE. I knew I couldn’t be the only thirty-something feeling the weight of losing her identity after putting family, career and school on the forefront for years before feeding the soul first.

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