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I began this blog basically because I am trying to find a different avenue to travel down.  I have worked in the healthcare industry for about 30 years and have realized (quite sadly) that I am considered a senior employee and should just disappear.   Frankly, I am not ready to fade into oblivion, so now I am going to put some focus more on myself and what I enjoy doing.

I know there are so many food blogs out there but in mine, I will try to help those who seem to be stuck in a rut and can only look a recipe at face value.  I want people to use recipes more as a template to create dishes that they like and use ingredients that they have on hand without having to go to the store to purchase additional items.

I have been able to do this with recipes for as long as I can remember, yet I have several friends and even my mother, that cannot venture beyond the constraints of the recipe ingredients.  My biggest hope is that I can make life easier for someone, even if it is just something new to make for dinner without having to spend money that they might not have.

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