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I am a single mother and sometimes life brings some unexpected events that pushes you in a new phase of life. Life has been a struggle with good events as well to bring forth things from the inside. At times, I have experienced no income coming into the home and I never want to experience that again. Now that the coronavirus has placed me in the house with no flow of income, I am able to take the time and begin a blog like I have always wanted to. As a Massage Therapist I want to be able to communicate with clients as well as people all over the world. When I was a young girl, I wanted to create my own magazine and blogging is close to doing that to express life. You have some many people going through things and don’t know how to express themselves. I want something that I write to help someone break free from something holding them back in life. I had to encounter some things in life that had me in bondage and I finally was able to see truth and broke free. It was like shackles had been unlocked from my feet to keep me from walking on.