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I have thought about starting a blog a few years ago but with so much going on at that time I never really took time to look more into it.  After this year being so difficult and challenging and realizing how much I felt alone I started an Instagram to reach out and share my feelings, good days and my bad and find an outlet to share and talk to others.  In this process I found that I was not alone and that people are there to help and comment and feedback.  It was at that moment when I knew that I really want to start my story but I wanted it to be more than just being a teacher because my son is a huge part of my life and why it can feel so overwhelming at times.  I decided it was time to start a blog, as I started looking into this a little I found that people actually make money and thought that this would be a good outlet for me to help lower some of my anxiety so that I was able to talk it out and share as well as supplement my teaching income and work on enjoying more of the little things in life with my small family without the worry about money.

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