Outreach Email For Guest Blogging

Initial Outreach Email for Guest Blogging


Step1 – Write a strong subject line. If you just write “Guest Blogging Pitch” or “Guest Blogging Submission” your email is probably going in the trash. Give them more details about what you want to write about, as seen in our example.

Step 2 –  Find the site’s owners name. You can usually find it on their website or on their social media platforms.It’s more personal and allows the owner to know you put some effort into learning about them.    

Step 3 – Find a post on their page that you like and reference it. Make sure you find something interesting about the article and mention it. This lets the owner know you really read the article.

Step 4 – Pose a problem (Step 4 A) or  a question (Step 4 B) that you can solve with your article. Either approach will work. After that you can then pitch your article idea.

Step 5 – Briefly explain what you are going to write about and how it’s going to benefit their readers.

Step 6 –  Make your conclusion simple and to the point. Make sure the owner knows how your will benefit them or their readers.

Step 7  – End with a standard sign off. No need to get crazy here!

Step 8 – Make sure you add all you details. Link to your site, social media and portfolio (if you have one).

Ex. Initial Outreach Email

(Step 1)

Great Blog Idea:6 Ways to Get More Followers on Instagram

(Step 2)


(Step 3)

I really like your website, I especially think your post on ” How to Gain a Stronger Social Media Presence” was very informative. It was very interesting to hear how you went from 10 Facebook followers to 100,000 in just one month.

(Step 4 A)

Your article did an excellent job of giving the readers an overview of how use social media for their benefit. However, some things are still unclear. A more detailed look into some of these social media platforms would be helpful.

I would love to contribute well written and relevant content to this topic. An article on “6 Ways to Get More Followers on Instagram” would be interesting and useful for your readers.


(Step 4 B)

Did you know that most people have less than 200 followers on Instagram? It’s true! However, most of these people want to gain more followers.They just have no idea of how to do it.

Your article certainly answers many questions about how use social media to their benefit and is a great starting point. However, I believe your readers might enjoy finding out “6 Ways to Get More Followers on Instagram”.

(Step 5 )

Getting more followers on Instagram is actually quite easy. These 6 easy steps are the key to having a successful page:

  1. Follow other people in your niche and adjacent nich
  2. Like posts as often as possible
  3. Use hashtags to your advantage
  4. Post quality content
  5. Make your comments relevant
  6. Have your friends promote you

My article will explain and teach readers how to apply each of these steps to their own account.  Your readers will no longer feel overwhelmed when it comes finding followers on Instagram.

(Step 6)

Do you think these 6 steps would be beneficial to your readers? Let me know! I look forward to helping your readers become instagram famous.

(Step 7)

Kind regards,

(Step 8)

Steph Francisco


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What to Expect After you Send out the First Email

After sending out your first outreach e-mail, answers from different potential publishers will hopefully start rolling in. The responses you will receive are going to be full of different possibilities. You are going to need to know how approach each one. Remember to keep it personal and professional. You don’t want your emails look like a templates, they are just a starting point to define your strategy. If you can, try to avoid using templates all together. Use the following templates as a guideline, but make your emails personal and your own.

Someone is Interested in You!

If you notice some interest from the people you have emailed, you’re halfway to your goal! Give priority to those who show enthusiasm, you don’t want them to lose interest. When responding be polite, professional, to the point and try to match all their expectations. Before you know it, you will have your first backlink!

Ex. 1 – They are interested, but not sure if your article idea is the best fit

“Hi First Name,

I really appreciate you getting back to me. Your concern about the article not being the best fit is understandable. I will be more than happy to organize an article for your website on topic that suits your needs.

Could you please specify your terms and conditions? Then I will be able to get back to you with a new idea and outline.

All the Best,

Your Name”

Ex. 2 – They are interested and want to post your article

“Hey First Name,

Thanks for the reply,

That’s great to hear! I will send the to you article by friday.

Kind Regards,

Your Name”

They’re Playing Hard to Get

Many people won’t respond to your first email or will answer initially and then suddenly stop answering without reason. Those people or companies probably receive hundreds of emails per day, and yours could just be lost within the madness. If you don’t get a prompt response, wait at least a week to follow up. Don’t be afraid of sending a follow up email. Be polite, ask again if they are interested in your content or if they can redirect you to the right person who deals with guest blogging.

One follow-up email is usually enough to get your target’s attention in the case that they missed your first message. Anything more than that is annoying and will only leave a bad taste in their mouth. They’re either too busy to follow through with your pitch, or they’re just not interested. Either way, you’re better off moving on and trying your pitch elsewhere.

Here are some samples of follow-up emails:

Ex. 1 – Asking again if they are interested in your pitch

Hello First Name,

Hope you don’t mind me following up with you, as I recently reached out to you a few days ago.

I just wanted to know if you’re interested in my guest blogging pitch, “XXX”. It’s guaranteed to be an entertaining and well-written article that discusses XXX.

Best wishes,”

Your Name

Ex.2  – You’re not sure if you have sent your email to the right person

Hi First Name,

Just a quick follow up to see if you received my previous email regarding a guest blogging opportunity.

If I have contacted the wrong person, could you please  direct me to the right person? I look forward to speaking with them about my pitch “XXX”.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Thank you,

Your Name

Ex.3  – You’re certain you don’t have the right email address

Hi First Name,

Sorry to bother you.

I am hoping you would be able to tell me who is responsible for blog content within your organisation and how I can get in touch with them?

I have a great idea for an article, “XXX”. It would be of value to your readers and is relevant to the content featured on your sight.

Thank you for your time.  


Your Name

Ex 4 – You’re redirected to the person responsible for guest posting

Hi First Name,

Barbara DeVries referred me to you, she told me you would be the correct person to contact in regards to publishing content. I would be interested in writing a guest post for you on “XXX”. This article will be of value to your readers and aligns well with other content on your site.

I can send an outline of the article, if you would like some more details. Is this something you would be interested in?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

All the Best,

Your Name

Maybe, They’re Just not That Interested

There is a big chance a lot people will say no to your request. If that’s the case don’t give up! Find out if they are interested in publishing some other content besides the one that you proposed or if they are flat out not interested. Follow up with a polite email appreciating them taking the time to respond, and then toss around the idea of maybe writing a different piece content that will fit them better. That way they know that you’re dedicated to teaming up with them and are willing to put proper effort into writing great content for them.

Ex. 1 – When they say NO!

Hi First Name,

Thank you for coming back at me so quickly.

I understand that you don’t need any content at the moment, but maybe you’ll need in the future. If so, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,

Your Name

Ex. 2 – When they say no, but there’s still potential to write another article

Hi First Name,

Thank you for coming back at me so promptly.

I understand that this piece of content doesn’t fit your agenda at the moment. Perhaps I could write something for you that would better suite your audience?

Let me know if you’re interested and what your requirements are?

Looking forward to working together!

Best regards,

Your Name

They Want to be Wined and Dined

Many bloggers ask for money for guest post or infographics. The nice thing about this is that they are guaranteed to give you backlinks for your website. However, spending money isn’t necessary, especially at this point in the game.

Even though you don’t want to spend money, it’s still important to respond. You never know, they may change their mind. I’ve personally had this happen to me. I wrote a well composed email back to a company telling them I didn’t have a budget  for this kind of thing. They ended up coming back to me with an offer to post it for free.

You can also ask them if they would like to see the article and give some feedback, even if they don’t want to post it. This often starts a dialogue and could end in you getting your content on their site.

Ex.1 –   If you don’t want to spend money

Hi First Name

Thanks for your reply.

I am just starting out as a blogger and don’t have a budget yet for paid posting. However, I believe that the content could be valuable for your audience.

Perhaps you would like to see it, before making up your mind? Even if you’re not interested in posting it, I would still love to hear your feedback on the article.

Kind regards,”

Your Name