Reflect On Your Progress

The following 3 questions will help you reflect on your progress:

1.What did I do well this week?

Reflect on what went will in your blogging this week.

What new things did you learn and take action on? What came easily to you?

Be proud of what you have achieved so far in your journey of becoming a blogger.

2.What did I struggle with this week?

Reflect on what didn’t go so well in your blogging this week.

What lessons or actions did you struggle with? What was difficult for you?

Knowing where you struggle is also important because it shows you where you need to put in extra effort or get outside help.

3.What do I want to do differently next week?

Reflect on how you’d like to approach your blogging differently next week.

What changes in your routine, lifestyle or attitude do you need to make to achieve your blogging goals next week?

Reviewing your progress regularly and making changes where needed will help set you up for blogging success.