Casey and Kirby from The Anchored Mamas

Tell me a little bit about you both and your project.

We are Casey and Kirby, founders of The Anchored Mamas. 

Kirby: I’m Kirby. A follower of Jesus, wife to Tom, and Mama to three sweet boys, one in heaven and two in my arms. I’m a former special education teacher, and a current stay-at-home mom. 

My life changed forever when our first son Tommy left us for heaven. Navigating such complex grief has shaped me into the person who I am today. I love connecting with others who also find comfort in talking about the harder things in life.

Our second son, Ace, joined our family through adoption. He has the sweetest soul and lifts me up in ways that I didn’t even know were possible. Our third son, Miles, was born on Mother’s Day-what a gift. He is super expressive and “on the move” at all times. These boys love everything about each other, and I love everything about them! Watching their spirits soar as they learn to explore the world around them is such a gift.

Daily life is crazy, chaotic, and beautiful-And God is certainly in all of the details. 

Casey: I’m Casey. I’m married to my high school sweetheart and best friend, Clark. Together we have two spunky girls, Lucy and Annabel. I thank God each and every day that they are all mine!

My girls make my world go round. Our two-year-old Lucy keeps us laughing. We like to say she is passionate about everything, in the best way. Her sweet little voice will melt your heart. Our daughter Annabel is four months old. Her chubby cheeks, red hair, and contagious smile are enough to brighten anyone’s day! I am so proud to be their mama!

I am a part time pediatric nurse and stay at home mom. I live for days outside in the sunshine, trips to the beach, caramel iced coffee, long walks, and target runs. 

What inspired you to create your blog? 

We have talked about creating a blog for some time now and finally went for it! We wanted a space where we could share our favorite recipes, activities with the kids, and day-to-day life. We also felt called to create a platform that serves a deeper purpose, one that is very near and dear to our hearts. Not only do we want this blog to be an expression of our lives as moms, but also a place for loss mamas to come together to support one another. Navigating the rough waters of grief is beyond tricky. Together we can share stories, lean on one another, offer support, and life each other up. 

What is a typical day in your life? 

Life is crazy, messy, beautiful, and fun! We wake up each morning and are off to the races with our kids! Quarantine really had us getting creative with easy activities to do daily with the kids. We love being outside as much as possible and our favorite time is when we can get together with the kids! Luckily we live close so this happens frequently! 

How do you stay productive and motivated working virtually? 

We couldn’t do this without each other. We keep each other motivated and check in each day. We laugh because we try to get a little work done on the blog each day at nap time and after bed time for the kids! We do what we can and are proud of all we have accomplished with the blog!

How have your friends and family reacted to your project? 

We are a very close knit family. They are our biggest cheerleaders and have been so supportive as we have launched The Anchored Mamas! We especially could not do it without the unconditional love and support of our husbands! Every time we write a new blog post they call us to give us great feedback! We are so lucky and look forward to sharing more with them. 

What has been the scariest part of having a blog and how have you overcome it? 

This is an easy one, we have been so nervous to share our blog with our friends and family. This is still a slow process for us. We started with sharing with our family and next up is our friends! We wanted to wait until we finished the 30 Day Blog Challenge first. Now that we are complete sharing with our friends is up next! Wish us luck!

What have you gained from your blog up until now? 

We have gained more knowledge about our writing skills. We have also created a vision for our blog, that includes helping others. We have gained the confidence that we need to continue to be vulnerable and share our insights with others. 

What message do you have for students who are starting the challenge now? 

The 30 Day Blog Challenge is so beneficial! Dive right in and really complete the challenges. Click all the links and watch the videos! They are chock full of information, we seriously learned something new every day! Highly recommend!

How did the 30 Day Blog Challenge help you? 

The 30 Day Blog Challenge really put us on the path to success. By following along with the daily challenges, we have accomplished so much for our blog and have added a significant amount of content we wouldn’t have be motivated to do otherwise.  

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  1. I love this interview and I can identify with the scariest part a LOT! I too am waiting until I have completed the course to invite family and friends to read it. Only my mother and husband know of it so far.

  2. Want to be friends? I was a single mom, and of course that is another whole story, but I love what you are doing, and ask God to bless everyone who reads your pages. God Bless You