Kate Elliott from big-love-fromk8

Tell me a bit about you.

I am a 35 year old kiwi who currently resides in QLD, Australia. I am a qualified Early childhood teacher and spent 4 years teaching in London. I have just taken a break from teaching to focus on myself.

What inspired you to create your blog/business?

Last year I found out that I had Binge Eating Disorder. I had never heard of it before as it is not well known about here. I wrote a blog and shared it with my family and friends, and I received a lot of encouragement to write more and to share my story. I have worked very closely with a psychologist and feel that I have valuable insight to give to others.

What is a typical day in your life?

At the moment I have taken a break from working and I am using this time to focus on myself. My days currently consist of writing, reading, painting, puzzles, chatting with friends and going for walks to the beach.

How to you stay productive and motivated working virtually?

I was always terrible at procrastinating however I recently received a tip to plan to work in 10 or 15 min slots. So for example if I am putting off a certain task I will tell myself that I just have to do it for 15min then I can stop if needed …I usually find that I get in on a roll and next minute its been an hour. I also have friends and family who regularly ask about blog updates which helps motivate me as well!

How have your friends and family reacted to your project?

I have had an incredible amount of support from my family and friends. They are all very proud of me for sharing my story and send encouraging words often. I created a separate group of my facebook for my friends to see my blogs (so I wasn’t posting too often on my normal page) and I had 80 friends and family join in support. Some people message with questions, others give me idea’s – they have been fantastic.

What has been the scariest part of having a blog and how have you overcome it?

The scariest part for me was setting up the site itself. I enjoy writing but all the technical parts of setting up my page was daunting for me when I started. However, I found that is was nowhere near as hard thanks to the 30DBC. The videos and instructions were easy to follow! It was a little scary sharing my posts to begin with but I just reminded myself of all the positive feedback I had in the past and just went for it!

What have you gained from your business up until now?

I have been able to share my story and raise awareness. Some people have messaged me for advice and others have thanked me for my tips/sharing my story. I have not made any money from the blog yet as I am just setting this up now, but for me helping others to understand and make progress is my main goal 🙂

What message do you have for students who are starting the challenge now?

Do it! There is SO much valuable information in the 30 day blog challenge! It exceeded my expectations by far. Remember to check out the other courses you receive (I didn’t notice these until about day 5 haha) and just have fun! I always try to remember the motto that ”good enough is enough” – don’t put too much pressure on yourself to have everything perfect. My other tip would maybe be to have a little list of topics ready to go because you will be writing quite a few blogs during this challenge (which is great!)

How did 30 day blog challenge help you?

The 30 day blog challenge helped me get started! If I had done this on my own there is no way I would have achieved this much. I am blown away by how much I have done in a short amount of time. The structure of the 30 day blog challenge was easy to follow and helped build a great foundation for my site. The challenge has kept me motivated and given me lots of inspiration and idea’s. It has been great to read other people’s blogs along the way, knowing we are all in a similar boat and that we can learn from each other is awesome. Everyone has done so well!

To learn more about Kate and her project, make sure to check her blog out at big-love-fromk8.com


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