Liz from Each Passing Day

Tell me about yourself

I’m 25 and a single mom to two kiddos and a dog. I have full custody of both my kids and get most of my help from my parents. Im a part time student studying journalism – honestly, because I love writing but I don’t know what else would pay me to write. And I’m a part-time waitress. 

What inspired you to create your blog?

I’ve ALWAYS created blogs and websites as a child. I have used weekly, wix, Tumblr, blogger, and the free version of WordPress. Ive also had a hosted domain a few years ago called Momma and Monkey. I really just love writing and trying to make a change. I wrote about global warming, parenthood and now parenthood, mental health and social change! Haha just mixed it all together. 

What is a typical day in your life?

Well, as of late, I’ve still been quarantined. But I wake up to my kids (who sleep with me despite having their own room). And my dog jumping on me. I take my dog out to potty then cook breakfast for my kids and I enjoy an ice coffee protein shake.After that I blog. Check emails, create pins and schedule on tailwind and engage in the blogosphere on social media. Then its play, feed, clean repeat *break up a few fights between my kids* until bed time. I give my kids a bath and read them a story or two and go to bed. (Https://

How do you stay productive and motivated working virtually? 

If I’m being honest, I have to say that I am bipolar and when I started this journey I was most likely in a manic episode so that definitely kept me driven. I was/am very excited. Now that I’m coming off of it. Im breaking up my sessions in 30 minutes to an hour. Y’all introduced me to block scheduling which helped. Because I sometimes have a one track mind and throw all my energy into one thing. So I’ll try to break it up if I can. Sometimes if I’m really fueled then its REALLY hard to stop. 

How have your family and friends reacted to your project? 

I don’t really have much friends but I know a few people have read my stuff and alot of them followrd my Facebook page. I had a few people share my post. My mom is my biggest supporter though. She knows how much this means to me and doesn’t discourage me from investing in it. If I’m gonna do it then I’m going to go hard! But a lot of my support has come from Twitter which is amazing.

What has been the scariest part of having a blog and how have you overcome it?

Honestly TWITTER. Haha. Its just so overwhelming all the people selling ebooks and guides to make your blog better. The writers lifts. And all. Just i had to not participate because it was getting to be too much. It makes me feel like I have nothing to offer and the only way to make money is to sell guides to other bloggers. But I know that there are other ways. So I can’t wait to be able to monetize by ads and not just courses that I made and sold. No judgment though but its not what I personally became a blogger for. 

What have you gained from your business up until now? 

Confidence and purpose. I suffer from anxiety, bipolar type 2 (long depression and short mania) and PTSD. So this helped me with my confidence that like im not just my mental health and I can use it and my life to inspire people. And just the fact that I’m starting now during a pandemic. What a better time to invest to be able to work from home. I hate having to leave my kids with my dad because he spoils them rotten. Being home means his visits will be more controlled. But I love him and im glad he can and wants to spoil his grandkids. 

What message do you have for students starting the 30 day challenge now? 

Invest and engage in the blogosphere. Talk to other bloggers on Twitter (NOT a #writerslift) but retweet with comments. Comment on their post. I actually have a private group of other bloggers about mental health and we comment on eachothers blog post and share within the group. Theyre great support. I got to guest post because one of the girls was just having a rough time so I filled in for her. But also know that this platform is just a small portion of bloggers and you really have to GET OUT THERE to succeed. 

How did the 30 day blog challenge help you?

It taught me SO MUCH I mean the first day lone was just *chefs kiss* I didn’t even know about having a mailing list. That a so absolutely blew my mind. Also all the templates and list you readily have available! Everyday I came ready to learn something new. I was just so devoted to making my blog perfect that I couldn’t write as often so I stuck to two post a week. Write at your own pace but be consistent! 


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