Write Your About Me Page

Your About Page should give your reader enough information to decide whether they want to read your blogs and also provide an inside look into the person behind the blog.

You need to answer the following 4 questions to write an effective About Page:

Who is your blog intended for?

What kind of person will want to read your blog?

Are they a budding entrepreneur interested in learning the ropes of building an online business, a big fan of vegan cooking or an inspired mother with a big dream of running her own business?

Show your reader that they’ve landed in the right place by visiting your blog.

Why should they read your blog?

What will your readers get out of reading your blog?

Will they learn how to cook their next vegan meal, find out about the latest trends in social marketing or hear about how other mothers run successful businesses from home?

Tell your reader what to expect when they read your blog posts.

Why should they listen to you?

What credibility do you have to be writing this blog?

Is it your professional background, your personal life experience or something you’re simply fascinated about?

Tell your reader why you are the blogger they should be listening to.

What are some personal facts about you?

What can you tell your readers about you to help them relate to you as a real person (and not just an online voice)?

Do you love walking your dog, sipping lattes or do you have an unusual interest of some kind?

Give your reader an inside look into the person behind the blog. This will help them connect with you and make them want to stay engaged in your blog