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Your pro membership has expired. We truly hope we have made a difference in getting you started with your blogging journey.

You still have access to the course but your access is limited and you cannot access the guides, tutorials, templates, resources, community, tech support, and coaching that was provided as part of the pro monthly membership.

Pro Monthly Membership

Our Pro membership costs $39/month for unlimited access on all devices.

We know that spending extra cash can be tough when you already have a ton of responsibilities. Therefore, with you in mind we have tried to keep the price as low as possible.

If you were to break down our membership fee, it would work out to approximately $9.25 a week!….  

This means you would only have to cut out one or two cups of coffee per week to cover your membership.  

We know what you are thinking: “The price is actually pretty reasonable, but why can’t it just be free?”  

We would love to nothing more than to give free access to everyone forever. However, the quality of what we could offer you would suffer. We want to provide you with the best services and products, in order to that we need to charge a small fee.

Whether you’ve just completed the first few days of the course or you’re over three-quarters of the way done, you are probably well aware of how valuable this course and community is for beginner bloggers. 

Think about what you have learned so far, could you have learned all of that on your own? 


However, it would have taken you ten times longer to do so. Spending hours upon hours scouring multiple websites trying to find the information you require. Most likely subpar information at best. 

We give you everything you need to complete your blog, the rest is up to you.

Remember in addition to the guides, tutorials, templates, resources, community, tech support, and coaching, you also get access to new courses added to the membership area.

We hear you saying: Wait! You’re adding more courses? 

Yes, you did read that last point correctly. We are adding more courses that will be exclusive to our members only.

Unfortunately, it does cost us to be able to host the challenge, support our members, create new content, maintain the site, and keep our tech staff on call for you. So we hope you join our membership to continue working on your blog and let us help you.